Why Choose Us

Our agency strives to offer our clients high quality colleges with reasonable tuition fees.

We provide our clients cheaper tuition and consultation fees than they could find elsewhere.

We are able to negotiate lower tuition and accommodation fees with universities because we introduce a high number of students. For instance our Jilin University tuition fee is $500 cheaper than self applied and/or other agent introduced students.

We also cooperate with universities year round to provide students a more favourable environment.
We undertake constant reviews; we collect student opinions and contact the concerned school promptly if our client’s report suggests a weakness in the education programs.

Should any client require assistance, we respond to their needs promptly and offer immediate help in any way possible. This includes contacting a client’s relatives quickly, should that be deemed necessary.
In short, we provide ongoing help and support to the student throughout their stay at the university in China. We are there for our clients and we provide help in any way we can.

We offer peace of mind to both students and parents.
Proven Track Record

  • 95% of our clients enrolled in their desired field of education and school of choice.
  • We instil confidence and encourage students to learn effectively.
  • We suggest study strategies that lead to our clients achieving higher scores in university and international exams.
  • We teach time management and provide consultation regarding the most helpful books in a student’s chosen field.
  • At the end of each semester, we meet with our clients and suggest remedial action should any student be off-track or accomplishing less than desired. We acknowledge the successes of the excellent students and award personal prizes that serve to motivate others.

Personalized Approach

Hanad Education Consultancy recognizes that each client is individual and has unique needs. As one of our clients, you will receive personal attention based on your requirements and concerns.

We are committed to providing the best possible service to each client. As a client, your wishes are our priority. We tend to your needs in the best way possible.

If necessary, we will contact a client’s relatives on their behalf.