Solutions that make a difference

Hanad Education Consultancy prides itself on providing top rate services to our valued clients. Our rates are competitive yet economical.

Our Services Package covers everything a student needs to ensure that the process of going to university in China is as smooth as possible. These services range from helping you find the right information (in an era of excessive information) to locating and joining your dream university. Our team makes that possible for students every day.

Our Services Package consists of five unique and progressive stages.


Consultation is the first and perhaps the most important stage. During this phase, we listen to your wants and needs and respond accordingly. Consultation involves communicating with students to discover the university they want to attend, the courses they want to undertake and the country in which they want to study.

Once we have a good understanding of the student’s requirements, Hanad Education Consultancy provides up- to- date information regarding their preferences, presents them their options and finally encourages the student to review and revise their choice. We have found that many students are unaware of the choices available to them so we educate them regarding the options and the best approaches to meeting their goals.


When the first stage is completed successfully, we guide the students through the entire admission process. We provide unlimited access to both online and offline support. We offer guidance in admission requirements, application procedures, pre-departure formalities (e.g. travel visas), online ticketing if desired and airport pick-up at the destination.


Counselling is available for those students who encounter a few bumps along the road in the form of application requirement demands or tuition fees. We use our insider knowledge and experience along with our considerable available resources to help a student overcome these challenges. We may offer advice regarding course that match their ability or we may help them obtain financial aid or scholarships.

Note: We can’t guarantee that you will find financial aid but we will try our best to help.


Hanad Education Consultancy provides general support during your entire duration of study. We offer special support in the first 6 months while you are settling in.

General support includes inquiries about anything related to your stay in the host country, since we are experienced in living and studying abroad. General support also includes issues concerning education and anything else that might arise.

Special support includes accommodation, acclimatizing to your new environment, language barriers or such miscellaneous things as cooking and shopping.


We also provide general training in first few months according to students’ needs and requirements. For example, we will help students learn Chinese during the first few months by providing them with training material and lessons either online or offline.

We also offer help with issues such as class overload and review of classes. We can provide USMLE training through partner organizations.

NB: This service is in Beta since our students are not yet in that level.